Steven Zhang Headshot on a tan background with purple text that reads "Conversations on Careers in Climate Tech"On this episode first episode of the “Conversations on Careers in Climate Tech” mini series, Gregory Heller and co-host Jonathan Azoff speak with Steven Zhang, the founder of, a comprehensive job site dedicated to climate technology roles for both technical and non-technical professionals. 

We explore what drove Steven to create the listing, the technology behind it, and how he orchestrated his own pivot to working in climate tech. Steven talks about the importance of networking and informational interviews to map out the industry landscape. We cover the complexities of the climate tech job market, where job titles aren’t as standard is in more established industries. 

This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation. This first part focuses on Steven’s journey to creating Part 2 includes more advice to jobs seekers.

The Conversations on Careers in Climate Tech mini series is made possible in part with support from SNØ

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