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On each episode, I speak with guests about topics related to the job searches, professional development, public speaking, resilience and mindfulness. Guests include current MBA candidates and past students, faculty and staff, and outside experts.


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Aiming Your CliftonStrengths at the Start of Something New

Whenever you are starting something new, it can be a good idea to revisit your strengths and make a plan to achieve your goals.  With that in mind, let me start out by explaining that there are three components to CliftonStrengths Coaching. We call these Name It, Claim It and Aim It.

Pursuing an MBA Career in Sustainability with Austin Morton

Austin Morton talks about his career path and landing a post MBA job in sustainability.

Austin Guyette on Pursuing a Career in Venture Capital

On this episode I speak with Austin Guyette, Foster MBA 2019.  Austin is an investor with Voyager Capital, a Seattle based venture capital firm. We talk about his career journey and how he successfully landed his dream job in venture capital. Austin shared some...

Prof. Warren Boeker on Innovation and Design Thinking

Warren Boeker and I discuss innovation, design thinking and more.

Rebecca Lovell on Startups and Venture Capital in Seattle

Rebecca Lovell shares advice from her experience working in the startup and venture space in Seattle.

Sam Ushio on Ikigai, CliftonStrenghts, and Purpose

Sam Ushio and Gregory Heller discuss Ikigai, Moai, the search for meaning and purpose in work, CliftonStrengths and more.

Gregory Heller

Gregory Heller

Meet The Host

I’m the Senior Associate Director of MBA Career Management at the Foster School of Business at the University Of Washington and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. I work with MBA candidates to achieve their career objectives through one-on-one coaching, and trainings on presentation skills, public speaking, and executive presence. 

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