Scott Case, the co-founder and CEO of Recurrent, a Seattle-based startup that offers independent evaluations of used electric vehicle batteries. Case discusses his advice for job seekers.In the second part of the conversation with Scott Case, co-founder and CEO of Recurrent shares his career journey and lessons learned. Scott has worked at small companies, big companies, and started two companies himself. He shares some lessons learned at his first startup, EnergySavvy (where Gregory worked with him back in 2012).

Scott then offers advice for people looking to enter the clean technology or energy revolution space. He suggests that recent graduates should gain experience by working for a large company in the industry they want to decarbonize, learn about the processes, and then identify high-leverage ways to disrupt the industry through a startup.

For those who prefer working at a startup right away, Scott recommends finding a small company where they can make a significant impact, learning about the company and how they can add value. He also shares the qualities he looks for when hiring, such as adaptability and a willingness to take on various roles. 

Scott mentioned the Acquired Podcast and the Car Dealership Guy podcast.

This is Part 2 of a 2-part interview. Listen to Part 1 which focuses more on the founding and growth of Recurrent.

This episode is made possible in part with support from SNØ

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