A promotional image for a conversation on careers in climate tech, featuring a greyed-out photo of Scott Case, CEO of Recurrent, with text detailing the topic of building a used EV battery evaluation company.Gregory Heller and Jonathan Azoff talk with Scott Case, the co-founder and CEO of Recurrent, a Seattle-based startup that offers independent evaluations of used electric vehicle batteries. Case discusses his journey as a second-time entrepreneur, having previously founded Energy Savvy, a company that helped energy utilities connect with customers for home energy efficiency upgrades.

Case explains that Recurrent was founded in June 2020 to address the growing need for transparency in the used electric vehicle (EV) market. As more EVs enter the used car market, buyers are increasingly concerned about battery health and range. Recurrent’s product aims to provide answers to these questions by analyzing data from connected EVs and comparing it to a large sample of similar vehicles.

This episode is made possible in part with support from SNØCAP.vc

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