Steven Zhang Headshot on a tan background with purple text that reads "Conversations on Careers in Climate Tech"Gregory Heller and co-host Jonathan Azoff continue their conversation with Steven Zhang, the founder of, a comprehensive job site dedicated to climate technology roles for both technical and non-technical professionals.  

Gregory, Jonathan and Steven discuss strategies for job seekers aiming to enter the climate tech industry. They talk about Fred Wilson’s “bits versus atoms” framework, emphasize systems thinking, and explore the sector’s diverse roles. The conversation highlights the need for a systematic job search approach, the value of networking, and the importance of aligning personal values with career choices. They also discuss leveraging one’s current position for environmental initiatives and provide resources for job seekers. The episode is a resourceful guide for those looking to make an impact in the climate tech space.

Also mentioned in this conversation:

This is the second part of a two part conversation. This first part focuses on Steven’s journey to creating You may want to listen to the first part before this.

The Conversations on Careers in Climate Tech mini series is made possible in part with support from SNØ

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