On this episode, former journalist and current technology leader Kristin Graham and I talk about tips for improving your  business communication in normal times and right now during during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Kristin works at Amazon where, among other things, she is one of the leaders of Amazon’s business writing course which reaches tens of thousands of Amazon employees annually.  

Kristin lead a few workshops for Foster’s MBAs and specialty master’s students in the fall of 2020 where she shared tips on what she calls “real simple steps” or RSS to improve productivity and focus, as well as advice for improving email communication.  Listen to the episode to learn how you can become “reader obsessed” in your written communication, the importance of editing, why you should use a BLOT (bottom line on top), and the importance of a good email subject line.

We also talked about phone or voice only communications instead of video and zoom calls, and the benefits of pen and paper to organize your thoughts before and during meetings and presentations.

You can find Kristin on LinkedIn and other her website, https://www.kristingrahamcomms.com/

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