On this episode, I speak with Ken Myer about leadership, entrepreneurship, and startups.  Ken is an interim CEO, a commercialization adviser with CoMotion, the UW Innovation Hub. He is a lecturer at the Foster School of Business where he shares his expertise on leadership with students in the Masters in Entrepreneurship Program. During winter Quarters 2018, he will be teaching the core MBA course, Leading Teams and Organizations or LTO.

Ken mentions the following books:

  • Kim Scott, Radical Candor
  • Derik Liddow, Startup Leadership
  • The Culture Code
  • John Dorner, Measure What Matters
  • Bill George, True North
  • Daniel Khaneman, Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow

And organizations:

Ken talked about the importance of networking, and recently listened to Jordan Harbinger on Dan Harris’s 10% Happier Podcast give some great advice on building your network (at 50:10 in the episode).

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