Circular photo of Josh Mastromatto centered on a tan background with purple text above that reads "Conversations On Careers in Climate Tech". In a purple ribbon below the photo, white text reads: "Diverting furnitore from landfills with rego founder Joshua Mastromatto"In the second part of the conversation, Josh Mastromatto, co-founder of Rego, shares insights on how his experience as an athlete has shaped his approach to building a startup. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on what you can control, learning quickly, and surrounding yourself with people who can help you improve. Josh shares what he looks for an values when hiring. As a first-time founder, Josh’s biggest learning curve was navigating the fundraising process, and he shares the importance of reaching out to experts, identifying patterns, and continuously acquiring knowledge through books and audiobooks tailored to the current stage of the business. This is part 2 of a conversation with Josh Mastromatto. Find part 1 in the podcast feed.

At the end of this episode, Josh mentions a few books and authors that have been influential:


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