Round photo of David Woodson on a beige square background. Purple text above the photo reads "Conversations on Careers & Professional Life. White text on a purple horizontal strip reads "A conversation about a career in sustainability with David Woodson" in white.On this episode, Gregory Heller interviews David Woodson, the Executive Director for Campus Energy Utilities and Operations at the University of Washington. Woodson shares his journey from an undergraduate at UW to his current role as leader in sustainability with a proven record of making an impact. David highlighted the importance of being adaptable and ready to learn in any job. His journey exemplifies the value of being open to various roles and responsibilities, which can lead to unforeseen career paths.

David mentioned two books during our conversation:

He also the International District Energy Association as a resource for anyone interested in sustainability at the district or campus level.

Learn more about David and the work he is doing on the University Of Washington campus in Seattle. Find out more about sustainability on the UW Campus here.

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