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On this episode, I speak with Jeremy Schifeling. Jeremy is co-author of the book Linked: Conquer LinkedIn, Get Your dream job. Own your future with Omar Garriot.

Before getting his MBA from Michigan’s Ross school of Business, Jeremy worked in education, including as a kindergarten teacher. After business school, he worked at LinkedIn, and is now director of consumer and product marketing at Khan Academy. he founded Break into Tech, a resource for anyone without a tech background to break into careers in tech, as he did, and regularly presents trainings on LinkedIn, including  to MBAs at the Foster School of Business.

The book is like the missing manual for the modern job seeker on how to leverage linkedIn to build your network, score referrals, do company research and get a job offer. Jeremy and Omar also provide the reader with insights into the experience and mindset of recruiters using LinkedIn’s powerful recruiter tool.

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We only scratch the surface of the advice in the book, but I think you’ll come away from this conversation with some useful tips and actionable steps for using LinkedIn to level up your job search.

  • We talk about what Jeremy thinks the most overlooked tool on LinkedIn is
  • The importance of using keywords
  • Why referrals are so important, and how to use LinkedIn to get them
  • “Open to work” and how to think about when to use this picture frame on LinkedIn
  • Why you should follow companies you are interested in
  • How to find a direct email address for a recruiter or hiring manager
  • and so much more!

You can find Jeremy and Omar’s work, the book and additional resources at Other resources mentioned during the episode include:

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