Jonathan Azoff headshot and description.In this episode I speak with Jonathan Azoff, an experienced tech leader who transitioned into a mentor and investor role with a focus on sustainability. Jonathan is a GP at SNØCAP a VC firm that invests in early-stage, profit-oriented platforms that directly and indirectly solve the climate crisis.

Jonathan’s journey began with a strong interest in environmentalism and computing in high school, leading him to Silicon Valley. He worked in various tech companies like Disney, Zillow, and WeWork before moving into roles more aligned with his passion for sustainability, including involvement in a nonprofit focused on agriculture, food systems, and waste systems.

Jonathan talks about the intersection of technology, sustainability, and business, emphasizing the importance of grit, luck, and a strong business foundation in successful ventures, especially in the evolving field of climate tech.

Jonathan shares his investment criteria, emphasizing the importance of commercially viable businesses that can scale. He also highlights the need for business professionals in hard tech companies and recommends two books, “Complexity” by Melanie Mitchell and “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Duke.

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