Gabriel Scheer Round Headshot on tan background.In this episode I am joined by new cohost Jonathan Azoff of SNØCAP, and we talk with Gabriel Scheer, Director of Innovation for Mobility and Energy at Elemental Excelerator. Recorded on December 12th, 2023, the conversation covers Gabriel’s fresh insights from his first attendance at COP28, offering valuable perspectives for MBA students and professionals interested in climate innovation and sustainable careers.

We cover:

  1. ElementalExcelerator‘s Role at COP28: Gabriel explains that ElementalExcelerator, a nonprofit venture accelerator, focuses on supporting climate tech companies, especially those with traditionally excluded founders and those working in frontline communities. The COP28 attendance aimed to understand their role in a global context and explore contributions to the climate change conversation.
  2. COP28 Observations: Gabriel was struck by the diverse global representation at COP28, including individuals from various fields like nonprofits, investors, banks, and oil companies. He highlights the breadth of people and ideas focused on addressing climate change. Gabriel participated in various discussions and panels, including one on blended finance. He also noted the vast range of exhibits, from startups to major companies like Microsoft, offering insights into numerous climate-related innovations and strategies.
  3. Energy Transition and Innovation: Gabriel talks about the energy transition, particularly the focus on smaller vehicles and renewable energy like solar and wind. He also mentions innovative energy storage solutions, including the potential of hydrogen as a storage medium.
  4. Blended Finance and Climate Tech Investment: The podcast touches on the concept of blended finance, which combines different types of financial resources to support climate tech companies. Gabriel highlights the importance of this approach in bridging funding gaps between early-stage innovation and large-scale deployment.
  5. Global Impact of Policies like the IRA: Gabriel reflects on the significant global impact of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), noting its influence on both U.S. and international climate tech and policy.
  6. Career Opportunities in Climate Solutions: The conversation concludes with advice for individuals seeking careers in climate solutions. Gabriel emphasizes the vast opportunities across various sectors, from engineering to finance, marketing, and beyond. He encourages aligning personal passions with the dynamic needs of the climate tech industry.

Overall, the episode provides insightful perspectives on the global climate conversation, the role of innovation and finance in addressing climate change, and the emerging career opportunities in this field. Gabriel’s firsthand experience at COP28 offers a unique look at the current state and future potential of climate action and technology

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